Upcoming Presentations:

‘What taking offence does’ at Pompeu Fabra University, 4th October

‘Which relationships matter?’ Seminar on family justice, Pompeu Fabra University, October

Past events: 

Workshop: Distributive Justice and Procreative Technologies

This workshop seeks alternative approaches to addressing whether state funding of fertility treatment can be justified, outside of the framework of healthcare provision. Procreative technologies like IVF can improve opportunities to pursue an important life project, of raising a child, and help to address natural and social inequalities in opportunities to parent. Thus, we seek to connect the discussion of state funding for fertility treatment with ideas about distributive justice.

3rd-4th July 2018, University of Manchester. Funded by the Society for Applied Philosophy, organised with Liam Shields.

Day one:
10.30 – 11.45      Adam Swift, “Justice, procreation and parenting: Mapping the terrain”
12 – 1.15     Judith Bell, “Competing demands and prioritising fairly”
1.15 – 2.15     Lunch
2.15 – 3.30      Emily McTernan & Liam Shields, “IVF and opportunities to parent in a non-ideal  world”
3.45 – 5     Daniela Cutas, “What fertility treatments treat and why it matters”

Day two:
10.30 – 11.45       Anca Gheaus, “Ectogenesis”
12 – 1.15            Rebecca Brown, “Irresponsibly Infertile? Obesity, Efficiency, and Exclusion from  Treatment”
1.15 – 2.15          Lunch
2.15 – 3.30           Tim Fowler, “IVF funding and autonomy: The importance of adoption as an  alternative”


Workshop: Social equality and public policy

University College London, 14th -15th January 2016

The fourth of four workshops on Social Equality. Sponsored by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust, Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Manchester, and the University of York. Convened with Martin O’Neill (York), Christian Schemmel (Manchester), and Fabian Schuppert (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Day One, 14th January

Session 1: Housing and gentrificationPanel:   Tom Slater (University of Edinburgh), Phil Glanville (Hackney councillor, housing),  Katy Wells (University of York)

Session 2: Gender and the economy      Panel:  Diane Perrons (Director, Gender Institute, LSE), Vanessa Gash (City), Sarah Cope (Camden Green Party)

Session 3: Public ownership    Panel:   Andrew Cumbers (University of Glasgow),  John Wilesmith (UCL), Karin Christensen (General Secretary, Cooperative Party, 2012- 2015),  Thomas Hanna (Democracy Collaborative)

Session 4: Race equality in the UK        Panel:   Meena Dhanda (University of Wolverhampton), Jeff Howard (UCL), Omar Khan (Director, Runnymede Trust)

Day Two, 15th January

Session 5: Social equality and the future of the left      Panel:   Andrew Fisher (Labour Party),  Nick Pearce (University of Bath, formerly Director, IPPR), Juliana Bidadanure ( Stanford University), Martin O’Neill (University of York)

Session 6: The future of work        Panel:   Ryan Shorthouse (Chief Executive, Bright Blue),   Tanja Buzek (ver.di (German trade union), European Economic  and Social Committee member),  Jane Gingrich (University of Oxford),  James Meadway (formerly chief economist of NEF),  Mathew Lawrence (IPPR)

Session 7: Health and social inequality         Panel:   Sridhar Venkatapuram (KCL), Mel Bartley (UCL),  James Wilson (UCL), Stephen John (University of Cambridge)