At UCL  (2013 – present)

  • Philosophy, Values, and the Social Sciences (undergraduate) – Course outline
  • Meanings of Liberty: Applied Methods in Political Theory (postgraduate)
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy II: Social Justice and Equality (postgraduate)
  • Peer Assisted Learning sessions, Masters in Legal and Political Theory (2013-2016)
  • PhD Workshop and Methods sessions (2014-2016)

Masters dissertation supervision & PhD student supervision

At LSE (2012-2013):

Undergraduate/Masters lectures on:

Masters & undergraduate thesis supervision.

At the University of Cambridge (2009 -2012)

One-on-one or small group supervisions for undergraduates:

Department of History and Philosophy of Science:

  • Philosophy of Science (2nd Year, introductory course)
  • Causation, Explanation and Law (3rd Year)
  • History and Ethics of Medicine: on medical ethics and philosophy of health (3rd Year, Biological and Biomedical Sciences Tripos)

Philosophy Faculty:

  • Political Philosophy (3nd Year)
  • Political Philosophy (2nd Year)
  • Ethics (1st Year)
  • Set Texts (1st Year): Mill’s On Liberty and The Subjection of Women, and Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion